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  • Will there be a Crazy4Crafts Christmas Market in 2021?
    Unfrotunately, we will not be holding a market in 2021. For more information please see out Market Info Page.
  • Who organizes Crazy4Crafts?
    Crazy4Crafts shows are organized by a small group of seasoned artisans and crafters. Combined they offer over 30 years of experience selling their wares at craft sales around the city of Calgary. As Crafters themselves they have participated in many outstanding and worthless shows, and know what makes a show successful to both vendors and customers alike.
  • How many years has Crazy4Crafts been organizing shows?
    Since 2008! We have organized a number of different events since then (SAIT, Huntington Hills, Chestermere, University of Calgary, Capital Hill) Currently we are focusing our efforts on the organization of the annual Christmas Market in Bearspaw at RockPointe Church in November. In 2020, a unique opportunity was given to Crazy4Crafts and we partnered with the New Horizon Mall to create "A handmade Christmas at the Mall...."
  • How do you advertise your sales?
    We do our best to go all out when it comes to advertising our sales. Our organizers are vendors just like you, and want to see many shoppers come through the doors! If you have an advertising idea for us, send it our way so we can look into it! Here is a list of some of the places we advertise: Bright or Bold signs along major roads around the venue as early as permited Four Road Bridge Banners two weeks leading up to the sale (pending civic approval) Neon bold Sandwich Boards on the sale day (City of Calgary bylaw prohibits sandwich Boards to be up before the morning of the event) Community Papers Facebook Ads Newspaper ads Extensive Online advertising (including Kijiji, Facebook and many more) Our own social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) We firmly believe that it’s not all up to us though, each vendor also needs to do their part: invite family, friends do word of mouth advertising handouts "our" supplied posters shows you attend prior to ours post about our event on “your” Facebook page, Instagram Profile and/or stories, Twitter feed and / website invite friends via "our" Facebook page event put up posters in your area (which we provide) We also do extensive vendor features on social media. As such we also expect all vendors to help us advertise themselves and the sales they are participating in by cross posting the vendor feature we have done on their social media channels. We promise to do our very best to get the word out and feel that working together we can make all of our shows successful for everyone.
  • How do you advertise on Social Media?
    We advertise our events and use social media extensively to promote all our Artisans. Our Facebook page can be found at: We encourage you to share our events on your own time line and invite your friends to our Facebook event. Instagram @Crazy4CraftsCalgary Twitter @Crazy4CraftsYYC Hashtag #Crazy4CraftsCalgary
  • How does your jury process work?
    Due to the high number of applicants, and the desire to have a well-balanced variety of quality crafts, Crazy4Crafts juries their sales. We reserve the right to: limit certain types of crafts (for example: jewelry & knitting / crocheting, woodworking and soap / body care); place applicants on a wait list in full categories; and refuse vendors that do not meet the juried criteria for a Crazy4Crafts sale. Your application will be reviewed by the Crazy4Crafts Jury panel prior to acceptance. Applications will be accepted during our application period (noted on our become a vendor page) after which time the Crazy4Crafts Jury will begin reviewing all the applications received. Jurors will review entries to ensure that work is original and exceptional in quality. All work must be hand made in Alberta by the vendor / artisan. No direct sales including MLM or imported products are allowed. Artisans will be selected based on quality of craftsmanship, originality of design, and audience appeal. Significant efforts will be made to limit artisans in each category to avoid duplication of product, allowing for more unique products from a varied selection of Artisans / Crafters. Vendor features on our social media channels are a very important part of our marketing campaign. Vendors are asked to submit 2-3 of their best photos of their product which should showcase your products in such a way that we can’t help but WANT YOU as a vendor for our event. Photos received of poor quality [blurry, fuzzy, improperly sized, distracting backgrounds] should be avoided where possible, because they are a large part of the criteria upon which the Jury will choose the vendors from. Vendors applying for POPULAR categories such as; but not limited to: Jewelry, Sewing, Knitting / Crochet, Woodworkers and soap vendors who are using some sort of social media that showcase that they promote their past & future events will be given a higher consideration over vendors not using social media. TO CONFIRM, we are not suggesting that vendors applying who do not have social media will be rejected, Social Media is merely one area of criteria the Jury considers. Applicants will be notified regarding their application status on or before the date noted on our BECOME A VENDOR page.
  • When do I apply for one of your sales?
    We begin accepting applications the beginning of June for our Bearspaw Christmas Market in November. Please see our BECOME A VENDOR page for the application dates. The link to our on-line application will be LIVE approximately 10 am on the day applications open. Our sales are juried; applications are not accepted based on who applies first. Your best bet to keep informed of our event is to stay tuned to this website, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  • Do I send payment with my registration?
    No, since we jury our vendors, please do not send payment with your application. If your application is accepted; your acceptance email will include spacing availability details; together with payment instructions. Payment must be received within 48 hours of acceptance. If payment is not received within this time period, your spot will be given to someone on our waiting list.
  • What is your vendor cancellation policy?
    We would hate to have an empty space at one of our markets if we can avoid it. Please notify us immediately if you are unable to attend our market for any reason. Cancellations made between registration and 31 days PRIOR to the event will receive a full refund provided we are able to "re-sell" your spot with another suitable vendor. Late cancellations made less than 30 days before the event date will be refunded at the discretion of Crazy4Crafts, provided we can find a suitable vendor to fill your spot. An administration fee may apply. Cancellations with 10 days or less before the event will NOT be refunded. Note about 'suitable vendors': We delicately, balance our shows, so that we do not over saturate similar types of art & crafts. If we need to find a new vendor to fill a cancelled spot, we can't just take anyone from our waitlist. Not to mention that the closer we get to the event date, the more difficult it is to find available vendors who will also maintain the balance of unique vendors. For this reason, we may not take the 'next' person on our waitlist, and we do not allow vendors to 'find their own replacement'. COVID 19 Pandemic Cancellation Policy: During this unprecedented time we feel we need to make it clear what will happen to your vendors fees should any level of Government or the Venue advise we are unable to host our event as a result of Health & Safety Restrictions for the public, thereby causing a cancellation of our event. We would: Keep in regular contact with each vendor to ensure honest and open communication. Work with the venue to see if postponing the event is an option instead of cancellation. Work with our Third-Party suppliers (i.e. venue, table rental company & adverting companies) to request a refund of any fees paid prior to the unforeseen cancellation. Provide details regarding vendor fee refunds, whether partial or whole in a timely basis. Should the event be deemed "cancelled" as a result of Force Majeure, any vendor funds held by Crazy4Crafts which has not already been spent on the normal day to day organization of the event will be refunded proportionately to the vendors within 60 days of the cancellation notice. Any vendor fees recovered from Third-Party suppliers after the cancellation of the event will also be refunded to the vendors proportionately within 120 days of the cancellation. Within 120 days provide a detailed accounting of Vendor funds paid to Crazy4Crafts, Third-Party Suppliers paid by Crazy4Crafts, together with the amount of funds proportionately reimbursed to the vendors. Confirm Crazy4Crafts will not be paid any fees for organization of the cancelled event.
  • How big is my space and what is included in my booking?
    Table only spaces are the length of the table either six or eight feet by a total 5' deep. The aforementioned 5' depth, includes a table that is 2.5' in depth. The remaining 2.5' of space is considered personal vendor walking space. Inner perimeter aisle tables will have a vendor directly behind them - we do not pipe and drape our spaces. Please keep this in mind when you organize the 2.5' of walking space behind your table. If you choose to use up the entire 5' of space for your display - you cannot stand in another vendors space to sell your products! Please be courteous to your neighbors. Vendors with a display height that exceeds 5' above the table top should not book an Inner Perimeter aisle table. We also have a limited number of booths of varying sizes. All Vendors are expected to stay within their taped off space allotment, not encroaching on emergency exits, customer walking aisles or the vendors behind or beside you. All spots will have a table and 2 chairs in their space. If you do not require, your table or chair, please let us know prior to vendor set up so that we can arrange your space accordingly. We do not allow vendors to add racks, shelving or additional tables to their space, unless they forgo the table provided. We reserve the right to request vendors remove extra shelving and racks which does not fit in your alloted space. If you require extra space for your display, please request a booth - we will do our best to accomodate you. If we cannot provide you with a booth (as they are limited) we let you know well in advance of the event. For this reason, please discuss your particular display with us by indicating your needs on your application! You can also send us a photo of a display set up to - this is helpful for us to understand what you need. Vendors are expected to bring their own table coverings.
  • What kind of payment do I need to accept?
    This is entirely up to the vendor. You collect all your own money and therefore you decide what kind of payment you are going to accept. We always do our best to offer an ATM machine at our events, but this is not always a guarantee. Many vendors use a mobile payment method such as SQUARE to accept Debit and Credit Card payments. Get free processing on your first $1000 in sales through our referral link by clicking here:
  • Where is parking for Vendors?
    We ask our vendors to reserve the best and closest spots for our guests and customers attending the sale. Please park as far away from the building as possible. Bearspaw Christmas Market Specific Parking Instructions for Vendors: (Note the Bearspaw Market is cancelled for 2021) After you unload, but before you begin set-up please park your vehicle on the BACK(EAST) side of the church building (between the Church and the Fire Station). Please walk carefully, as sometimes the lot can be icy in the winter. We typically have a very busy sale, so the parking on the South, North and West sides of the building should be empty of all vendor vehicles by 9:15 am!
  • Will there be a Crazy4Crafts Christmas Market in 2020?
    Sort of! Please visit the Market Info page for details! Unfortunately, our in person markets have been cancelled this year. But we are offering an opportunity for people to shop vendors online.
  • Will I be required to wear a mask at your Handcrafted Market at New Horizon Mall? What about social distancing?
    We do request that all visitors over 2 years old wear a mask and practice social distancing and good hand hygiene while at our Handcrafted Market this year. All of our vendors will be required to wear a mask and have hand sanitizer at their tables. We ask that you do not handle vendor product until you have sanitzed your hands at their table. Thank you.
  • How do I get to your Market?
    Directions are HERE on our Market Info page!
  • Do your vendors only accept cash?
    Each of our individual vendors decide what method of payment they will accept. Cash is accepted by all vendors, however many of our vendors also accept debit and credit cards. We do our best to rent an ATM to be available for our shoppers, but we always reccommend bringing enough cash just in case.
  • Where and when are your markets?
    For detailed information about our markets please visit the MARKET INFO page. As of 2020 Crazy4Crafts will focus our efforts on organizing the Annual Bearspaw Christmas Market at RockPointe Church.
  • What kind of items can I buy at your markets?
    At our markets you will find a unique selection of locally handcrafted goods. We hand pick vendors who design and make their products here in Alberta. Every year our selection varies depending on the unique vendors that apply. Keep an eye on our social media pages leading up to each event to learn more about the vendors who will be attending the market.
  • I heard Santa Photos are available?
    Sorry, there will be NO Santa Photos is 2020.
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